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  • 6-in-1 Pro Multi-Gym an all-in-one strength & cardio machine that is gentle on joints and muscles.
  • Rebounders - Fitness Trampolines for cardio fitness and to increase lymphatic drainage. This mini-trampoline is warranted for up to 500 lbs of weight and is easier on the feet and ankles than other models.


"Wow, you have given us an education on exercise boards! Thank you for the detailed information. We are very impressed by your communication and excellent customer service standards ." - Bridget & Dave    

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XL-Aerobic Platform is twice the size

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Uses of

The Jogging Square

The Jogging Square has been used for low-impact exercises in the sports, health club, and physical therapy industries for over 20-years.

Now, we've made our popular boards available for the home exerciser that prefers to workout on a cushioned surface as opposed to a hard floor or unstable carpeting. Our boards make your home workout easy on the body and gentle on the knees, ankles, and feet by absorbing impact. 

Below are the many ways are boards have been used:

Since 1997, Health Club chains such as Curves for Women, It Figures Fitness, Ladies Workout Express, Liberty Fitness, Shapes for Women, PACE Fitness, Contours, Blitz for Men, ScrImage for Men, Fit Express, Pace Express, Fast Fun Fitness Clubs, Cardio Kick, CrossFit, and Boxing Clubs, have chosen our Jogging Squares to make their clients more comfortable while doing aerobic type of exercising.

Others industries like hospital rehabilitation, physical therapy centers, long-term care facilities, senior fitness activity centers, hotels, apartments, YMCA's, public schools, and universities, have chosen the cushioned fitness board called the Jogging Square for safe, effective, and affordable exercise.

Now, our professional boards are available to YOU! 

Below is a list of some of the physical activities our boards have been used for: 

  • Recovery Station between aerobic or strength training intervals and machines. They are also known as recovery boards, rest station, walk pad, jog pad, step board.
  • Cardio Station between strength or rest intervals in a circuit gym. They are also known as cardio boards, aerobic stepper, running or jogging mat. 
  • Jump boards for jumping jacks, jumping rope, bounce boards, running in place cushion walking pad. 
  • Cushioned Dance floor also called padded foam Aerobic Floor.
  • Cardio Kick station, boxing training floor, cardio kick mat.
  • Cushioned exercise platform also called action platform, fitness board.
  • Floor exercise mat for calasthenics and body-weight training.
  • Exercise platform for low-impact
  • Yoga board, body board, cushioned sit-up boards.
  • Sensory stimulation for autism and other disorders. 

Fast Fun Fitness is the original manufacturer of the popular fitness step board known as the Jogging Square. You can find our Jogging Squares in health clubs and homes around the world with over 50,000 boards sold in 80 countries.

Our cushioned exercise fitness boards are handmade in America with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in providing simply the best quality fitness stepper board and exercise platform in the industry.

Our padded fitness boards are used for walking, stepping, jogging, jumping, running, aerobic exercising, and in curves for women fitness centers and other gyms they are used as recovery stations when doing the circuit workout.

They are perfect for rest stations, recovery stations, or aerobic stations, in high intensity interval training circuit workouts also known as HIIT exercise. 

We introduced the XL-Aerobic Platform in 2013 to provide you with even more cushioned space to do floor work, yoga, jumping jacks, and even lift weights. It is like having your own cushioned aerobic floor right in your living room.  You are going to love it!

Made for heavy use in commercial settings but small enough and affordable for working out at home!